When I read your nice complements about my MUSIC it brings joy to my heart !!   I started writing songs when I was about 8 years old. My 1st song I wrote was Tell Me No Lies.  That song is available for streaming. My 2nd song I wrote is New York City.  I enjoy writing love songs. 

For years a lot of my great songs I wrote in the 90’s, are now being shared all around the world.  This is truly one of my biggest accomplishments of my life.  I cannot tell you how much enjoyment I get when I write these awesome songs  and share with  you all my true life experiences. 

Writing is how I express my true feelings and my mind kicks into a world of its own.  

Hope you like my new song  “LOTTERY LOVE”.    I  got the idea of writing this song last November 2017 when I purchased my 1st Scratch-Off at the local Gas station here in town.   Amazing how things just pop up in our minds!!    


For your Halloween Celebration, I wrote Dracula’s Girl and also wrote a short story available on Amazon.   If you like spooky stories you must read my Short Story!!!   Have a SPOOKY TIME THIS MONTH !!!!  

The leaves are falling, colors so bright.. I got some great songs for you to listen too.. so hang on tight!!!




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