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Just The Right Horse American Saddlebred Farm

In 2004 I started my American Saddlebred Breeding Business. We specialized in Pinto American Saddlebred Horses. We had 4 American Saddlebred Stallions. For more information on the American Saddlebred Horse go to Visit our farm website at:

Our Wedding Day

John and Bonnie Lorenzen
Wedding Day August 2004

Rest In Peace Ron

Ronald Mock a true friend over 40 years. Ron and I dated for about 4 years and we had a lot of good times. He was an employee of DCAA and retired in July 2023. He loved his job. Ron became interested in horses after spending time with me at Long Lane Farm. I gave Ron riding lessons for many years. Ron learned how to ride on my American Saddlebred "Splendid".

He found a horse named Missy through a friend of his Anita and had ask me to come and ride her for him to see if she would be suitable for him. He fell in love with Missy. He lost Missy about 3 ago. Ron had 2 other horses Wolfy, which he purchased from Bob Jones in Carlise PA. He was excited to buy Wolfy. Then one Christmas Eve at our home, I presented Ron with a Pedigree for a Black Quarter Named Skiperifkk. I remember the look on his face in our living room on that Christmas Eve. Ron this is your Christmas present from me. He was so excited.

Deeply sad today, my Dear Friend Ron passed suddenly on April 13th 2024. Ron.... thank you for all the good times that you and I spent together and as we shared our friendship may we ride in Heaven some day together. Love, Bonnie & John

Rest In Peace My Friend

Ron's Birthday 2023

We were celebrating Ron's Birthday 2023

My Hubby

My Hubby (John)


Me and My Mother

John, Bonnie, Ginger, Splendid

Bonnie and John Lorenzen at
Long Lane Farm


Me and Marty Stuart at Urbana Carnival


My Girlfriend ( Nancy Lee)

My Friend Sarah Transeau

Me and Sarah on Her Wedding Day

Allan James Music

Allan James one of my FAV Artist

Barbie Doll

Barbara (Barbie) Frushour ..One of my Girly Friends

Sara Transeau

Sarah Transeau one of my Girlee Friends


Me with my GUITAR

Prabhu & Rita Chaudhary

My Friend and Boss at Hughes Network Systems for 19 years with his lovely wife Rita.
Prabhu.. I miss you every day my Friend.


Raymond Riley and The Loudoun Travelers

My Uncle Raymond Riley

Raymond Riley My Uncle

Bonnie and Camelot

Bonnie and Camelot A Spotz

Drifter at World Show

Debbie Jones and Drifter my Show Horse

Bonnie & John at Long Lane Farm

Bonnie and John at Long Lane Farm with Expresso

Splendid and Bonnie

Bonnie and Splendid

Bob Ross

Mr. Bob Ross


My Tractor


My High School
Loudoun Valley High


My Favorite Blue Velvet Dress

Bonnie's FAV Hat

My Favorite Hat

Bonnie & Splendid

Bonnie and Splendid her American Saddlebred


Max's Painted Playboy My Trail Boy

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