Inspired to write a Song for my Long time American Saddlebred Horse.. “Splendid” .. you must read about how our Life Began here…



Folks I wrote this song one day in 2016, just fooling around and well heck turned out pretty good. 

I also wrote a Short story called Dracula’s Girl available to read.  If you like Spooky stories…  It tells you how Dracula’s Girl was created .. check it out here… Amazon



Wedding Bells is really nice Love Song and would work well for a Wedding.  I got the idea of writing this song because I was looking for the right person for so many years and always ended up with the Wrong Person??? DA DA DA DARN It !




Dear Santa is an Amazing Song and really hits home for me.  We were just poor farm folks and mom and dad struggled to raise us kids.   Christmas at our home; well you know the rest.   Just listen to my Song and you will have the answer folks.  Hope you folks like it !!  



Little Junior Jones I wrote in 2017 and got flash back to write this song thinking about the times Daddy left us for the weekend and we were alone just us kids with momma and the part about Mamma do ya do ya love me came natural to me because my mother could be rather hurtful to me at times…