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I would like to thank everyone for visiting my website and I truly hope that you enjoy my music as much as I enjoy writing.   

Thanks to my producer Robb Hutzal of Studio Pros, the musicians, and their vocalists, Donnie and Sara  for their hard work and dedication.    Donnie has a Keith Urban voice and i enjoy him singing my songs.  Sara did an incredible job on the song  "My Saddlebred" which is playing on my farm website listed here .....I highly recommend Studio Pros.  They are professional and dedicated.

Raised on a dairy farm in Bluemont, Virginia,  my childhood was not easy.  My father worked as a dairy farmer for many years and we were poor, but blessed with the Lord in our lives to help us through all of our hard times.    I was strong hearted with love in my heart and determined to move forward in life.  As a child, i suffered with Asthma and their were many days that I thought my life would end.  After alot of prayer to the Lord he healed me and when i turned 18 years of age, my asthma left.  I tell everyone that my prayer to the Lord healed me.

My music interest bloomed within my mother's family, the Rileys of Hamilton, Virginia.  My uncle, Raymond Riley had his own Bluegrass band in Loudoun County called the Loudoun Travelers. 
When I was 10 years old,  I wrote my 1st song called  "New York City."   My  2nd song was  "Tell Me No Lies".    In  1995 I wrote   "I'm Just A Country Boy"  and about 20 other songs that year.   Some of those songs will be on my 2nd CD  called "My Country Roots".
 In November 2015 I wrote my   "My Saddlebred" Song in honor of my American Saddlebred  (Splendid's Last Creation SF.    Splendid and i spent over 23 year together.   

What my songs say, where do I get my ideas and what they mean to me..


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