About Me

Bonnie  Lorenzen was born on a dairy farm in Bluemont, Virginia.   She is a country girl at heart who knows how hard times are.   Her humble roots made her a strong and desirable woman. She has always been a dreamer who likes to think ahead  of the box and makes all of her dreams come true one way or another.   

Bonnie was always interested in music as a child and enjoyed listening to country music on the radio.   She enjoyed singing   Karen Carpenter and Dolly Parton songs.  She could relate to the words imaging her own life.  She started writing songs at 8 years old and her first song published was Tell Me No Lies.

  In high school she studied music and enjoyed the composers, Bach, Beethoven, and Chopin.   Her music class performed numerous times for the entire school at Loudoun Valley High School in Purcellville, Virginia.

 Her uncle Raymond Riley was a musician, and his band was called “The Loudoun Travelers”. He showed her a few chords and she taught herself how to play and tune her own guitar.  Bonnie has written all of her songs herself, produced the demos and recorded in California.  All of her videos are produced by Bonnie.



In the 80’s she met Marty Stuart in Urbana, Maryland  at a concert and was fascinated with his music. She attended many of his concerts and joined his No Hats club.  She became so intrigued after meeting Marty she started writing more songs with her life changing events and great created mind they became great songs.   In the 80’s she wrote,  I’m Just A Country Boy, Goodbyes, Wedding Bells, Chances Are, Shes Got It.  Bonnie has produced all of her videos herself for all of her music promotions.

 In 2002 she became a Richard Shrake Certified Resistance Free horse trainer.  In 2004 she became the 1st Breeder in Maryland for the American Saddlebred horse.  She has always loved horses.

 2019 she stumbled upon Bob Ross on YouTube and became a huge fan and learned his “Wet on Wet” technique.  She has designed her own online art studio atouchofnaturestudio.com.  She enjoys painting in oils and acrylics.  

Her other hobbies are taking walks, riding horses, fishing, cooking, web design, SEO.  She enjoys reading a good book, watching the Hallmark and Lifetime channels,  She loves westerns and enjoys watching, Criminal Minds, NCIS and  Carol Burnett.

Each day she takes time and reads scriptures and devotes time with Lord.  She is very outgoing and enjoys dancing with her friends. She believes in living her life to the fullest the way God wants her to.