Hey Folks, 

I became interested in American Saddlebreds in the early 80’s .

I  purchased my very 1st American Saddlebred Major from a fellow

in Pennsylvania.  Unfortunately, Major  passed with EPM after a few years.  

Then I purchased my 4 year old American Saddlebred Gelding “Splendid’s Last Creation SF”.  

We spent over 20 years together and he was an amazing companion and trail buddy.

After he passed, I wrote my song “My Saddlebred” in honor of him. 

 I started my  Pinto American Saddlebred breeding business in 2004 to 2018.

If you want to gander at my farm webpage its located here.. justtherighthorse.com  

Enjoy !!

The reason I wrote the song “My Saddlebred” was in honor of Splendid. He still remains in my Heart to this day.



hi…a few days ago I did catch your song My Saddlebred while browsing charts on n1m.

Been obsessed with this track since its first play.

Just keep pushin’ it guys! OK, later.


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