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Meaning of Namaste
In yoga, there’s a belief that there is a divine spark in everyone, located in the heart chakra. This chakra — one of seven — affects the ability to love and is located just above your heart in the center of your chest. By gesturing Namaste, you acknowledge that spark and the soul in another person. Literally translated, Nama means “bow,” as means “I” and te means “you” — “Bow I you,” or “I bow to you.”

Some instructors might take this a little bit further, adding a phrase of their choice, such as, “The light in me honors the light in you.” She might also add, “The teacher in me bows to the teacher in you.” Although she might be officially the instructor, this form of gratitude and respect is a way to symbolize that she appreciates that she can learn from you, the participant, as well.


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