About Me

Raised on a dairy farm in Bluemont, Virgina, my Country Roots are honest as the day. We had a lot of ground to cover as kids. Our life was surrounded with Cows, chickens and lots of room for rooming the fields  wishing for a pony to ride in the lush alfafa fields.    I was your  Tom Boy kind of girl.  My daddy taught me how to fish at the age of 5 years old and that is one of my favorite hobbies.   

I listened to all of Karen Carpenters songs  and Dolly Parton’s “My Coat of Many Colors” and enjoyed singing those songs .   My Coat of Many Colors song  reminded me of the “Hand Me Down Clothes” given to our family.    

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My mom was a big Fan of Conway Twitty. She was a music lover and she loved to dance. I get that honest, just ask any one that knows me.  Visiting my grandparents was a treat, because my Uncles were always playing their guitars. My one Uncle Charles would say to me.. if you scratch my back I will give you a quarter and play the guitar.

Back home things were tough for my mom and dad so we had to move around a lot from school to school. I suffered with Asthma and almost died.  I must be honest folks I prayed every day for God to heal me and when I turned 18 years of age, it was gone. Since we had very little I spent a lot of time singing and I started writing songs. My first song was New York City and my 2nd song was Tell Me Know Lies.
Music has never stopped in my life, in church I sang in the choir and in high school music was my favorite subjects… got my AAA’s all the time

In 1992 I met Marty Stuart in Urbana, Maryland at the Carnival and became obsessed  with his Rockabilly style of music.  

I started writing songs after  meeting Marty.   I  wrote 25 songs in the 90’s.  Some of these great songs are… I’m Just A Country Boy, Chances Are, Wedding Bells, Goodbyes, She’s Got It.  




Thanks to my producer Robb Hutzal of Studio Pros

for all of their hard work and dedication

They have amazing vocalists and musicians.